Saumya Shukla is an ordinary girl  belonging to small town of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh with bigger dreams and frightening goals. She spends most of the time fulfilling her responsibilities as an IT Professional under the designation of “Business Analyst”.

She has discovered her passion in WRITING and enjoys to do so in her leisure time. READING like crazies, TRAVELLING like nomads, LISTENING music like there is rhythm everywhere, COOKING like there is no tomorrow and DRESSING like every day is party, these are few things she gives priority to, when she is not WRITING. Not only she has dreamt of making her life successful but also has taken pledge to improve the lives of millions of people including YOU by her writing and inspirational quotes that she posts on her Instagram page “mind_moneymentor”

She has written a book with name “FRIENDOPEDIA” which is available on amazon kindle, which describes the type of friends, their importance in our lives and how they teach us so many lessons being the part of our lives. Because nobody on this planet is without FRIENDS, less or more we all have them.

For more deeper insight grab the book and read to find your story in FRIENDOPEDIA
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