Art of Loving!

“Love” whenever I think about this word I feel incapable of giving any definition to this word which can be universally accepted. As I wander my mind more into this word, I fall short of thoughts which will concatenate to give me the words which might give the essence of LOVE in this mortal world. However, It’s so complicated to put this word in words but I feel its depth at various stages in my life like I have never felt before. How strange it is that it’s LOVE but different every time and this made me ponder more on the fact that I should write something about it which will be as unique as my existence because the love I feel in my own heart had never been felt before by anyone, and then I also acknowledge your thoughts as a reader that if it’s so unique and self centered so why will you even bother to read by investing your precious time to it, so here is what is a takeaway from this article, however different the feeling and experiences are, the art of Loving and its essence remains always same and that is how much you crave for the person, place or thing that you say you ‘LOVE’ and what is the limit of selflessness in that same case. It’s the tree grown by same look alike seeds but in different soil having different cluster of roots ensconced in the soil of our heart, the more fertile the soil the healthier is the tree or the more you take care of it, the greener and healthier it grows. And this is what makes every feeling of LOVE unique-the unique seed, the fertility of soil and the cluster of roots and if you read you get connected to your own feeling of love. So this will turn up to be the connection.

I came across a line in one of the songs of Avicii ‘Wake me Up’- ” Life’s a game made for everyone and Love is a prize” and this made me think even more about this concept of love and it’s significance in life. If I see keeping in mind the analogy that I used above the happiness and satisfaction that we get from life is like fruits that we get from the tree that we plant and nurture. We all have been given a life which has various levels, some call it a game and some a challenge and then there are very few who call it a blessing which is bestowed upon them by Universe coming along with a huge responsibility to accomplish the purpose, I feel that blessing is incomplete without the feeling of Love and being Loved. While it comes in different sizes and packages, it is MUST and UNIQUE for all living beings on this planet.
The way your mother runs with that one bite in her hand to make sure you eat in front of her eyes is the love she can never show for anyone else in her life
The way your little chubby hairy Jacky loves you and shakes its tail when you’re home, he can never feel the same love for anyone else
The way your younger sister brags about you in her friend circle is the love she can never show for anyone else
The way your friend abuses you, kicks you in your stomach to show you how close you’re to his heart is the love he feels for just you
The feeling of love when you visit a place that you’ve have been dreaming since age, that feeling is so much between you and that beloved place of yours on this earth
The feeling of love when you sit in your own car for the very first time, that attachment is so rare and unique.

And then there is a biggest definition of love that you keep sacred for someone special in your life, the love that you try to justify at every stage of your life, the love in which you have to make efforts to keep adding different flavors every now and then so as to make it scrumptious every single day else it will become boring and you’ll be trapped inside the most common cobweb, which is nothing but just a tag “Happily Married”

There might be thousands of reasons you may love him/her but here are some reasons I feel a girl will love a guy for, so this article might be the voice of millions of girl who want to express their reason of love:

My dear special one,

I love you not because I know you’ll never let me be in pain but because I know you’ll be my healing force and pain killer of my life
I love you not because I know you’ll never let me fall down but because I know you’ll pick me up the same way my dad used to, dust my back and say “Girl I am here to walk beside you since now so just go and conquer the world in your style”
I love you not because I know you’ll let me live my dreams but because I know you’ll push me hard towards them saying “Girl you can do it. Remember??? they aren’t just dreams they are your life?”
I love you not because I know you’ll surprise me on special occasion but because I know you’ll make my each day special
I love you not because I know you’ll pretend that being loyal to me is a religion to you but because I know you’ll say to me “Girl, she might be beautiful but she’s not YOU”
I love you not because I know you’ll appreciate my good but because I know you’ll embrace my bad and motivate me saying “Girl no human is perfect”
I love you not because I know you’ll never leave me behind but because I know you’ll slow down, tickle me a little and lock your arm in mine and walk beside
I love you not because I know you’ll never let me cry but because I know you’ll sit with a pack of tissues and ice cream, pull me towards you, kiss my forehead, rest my head on your shoulder and give a light tap to console me
I love you not because I know you love me but because I know you have NEVER loved anyone like you do to me!
Picture courtesy: Unsplash and Parth Shah