Guide to fight the battles of life!

I have never thought I would be writing on this topic, because till yesterday I did not know who the “Barbarika” was and I can bet If you are also a so called “typical modern teen” you too must be on same boat as mine, so I think its time to discover about this great worrier and a key player of our very famous epic Mahabharata?
It was a normal day, everybody in my office was as usually engaged staring on the screens of their laptops and lost in their own world. I had completed my task and went to my mentor for getting it checked. Suddenly one of my colleagues came and provoked the discussion about Ramananda Sagar’s Ramayana which was telecasted on DD National in late 90’s by comparing it with the ones telecasted now a days. I guess he wanted to lighten up the atmosphere to bring out people from their virtual world and distress themselves. The word Ramayana was enough to ignite the discussion which slowly and gradually attracted many of them in the surrounding and the discussion got converted to group discussion in a blink of an eye. I was just moving my head here and there paying attention on every speaking mouth, suddenly I have heard a name Barbarika. It sounded really interesting to me. I raised a question interrupting the discussion, “who was Barbarika?” Though I have got an answer but I was not satisfied. I became keen to know more about this name. On searching, obviously I found information in abundance (credit goes to Google). Yes of course..!! It’s there on Google, anybody can get his story just in a click, so why I am so interested and excited to write about this article. You will come to know while you end up reading this and your reading will be worth, I assure you. Because while going through his story I have discovered something very exciting which every one of us should know being a human, which is closely related to our own lives.

Here I go with the story of Barbarika and its relevance to our life.
I would start with brief introduction of Barbarika. He was the son of Ghatotkach and Hidimbi, grandson of Bhim (second of Pandava brothers). He was a great worrier since his childhood and got the training of warfare from his mother. Adding to his strength Lord Valmiki gave him three infallible arrows being happy by his penance. He was also popularly known as “bearer of three arrows”. When Barbarika learnt that battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas had become inescapable, he urged to witness the whole battle of Mahabharata. While seeking permission from his mother for the same, he promised her, if he has to take part in the battle he will fight from weaker side. He then left for the battlefield with his three arrows.

Before Mahabharata started, Krishna has asked all the significant worriers like Dronacharya, Karna and Arjun, in how many days they can complete the battle if they fought alone. Everybody’s answer was in days.
Krishna also wanted to ask the same question to Barbarika so he disguised himself as a Brahman and caught Barbarika on his way to battlefield. Krishna asked “In how many days you can finish this battle alone?” Barbarika replied, “In one minute.” Answer was really surprising for him. Krishna curiously asked how can he make it possible, to which Barbarika replied-
His one arrow is capable of marking all the things he wants to destroy.
His second arrow is capable of marking all the things he wants to save.
And his third arrow destroys all the things marked by first arrow or unmarked by the second arrow. And after accomplishing the task arrows will come back to his quiver again.
Like this he can finish the war in just one minute. Krishna became keen to test his powers and asked Barbarika to tie all the leaves of the peepal tree under which he was standing. Barbarika accepts the challenge and starts meditating to release his arrow by closing his eyes. Then, Krishna without the knowledge of Barbarika plucks one leaf from the tree and puts it under his foot. When Barbarika releases his first arrow, it marks all the leaves of the tree and finally starts revolving around the leg of Krishna. Krishna asks Barbarika why was the arrow revolving around his foot. Barbarika replies that there must be a leaf under his foot and the arrow was targeting his foot to mark the leaf that is hidden underneath. Barbarika advises Krishna to lift his leg, otherwise the arrow would mark the leaf by pricking Krishna’s foot. As soon as Krishna lifts his foot, to his surprise, he finds that the arrow also marks the leaf that was hidden under his foot. Then the third arrow does collect all the leaves (including the one under Krishna’s foot) and ties them together. By this Krishna concludes that the arrows are so powerful and infallible, that even if Barbarika is not aware of his targets, they can still navigate and trace all his intended targets. By this incident Krishna foresighted that if he fought in the war, then even if Krishna wanted to save Pandavas, the arrow will somehow find them and will destroy them, so trapping Barbarika in his own words, Krishna using his cunning mind, explained the other meaning of his promise given to his mother. Krishna explained whichever side he’ll choose will become powerful and the other being weaker obviously, and hence he will keep on oscillating to both the sides killing everybody except himself, like this nobody will win or loose. Hence Krishna avoids his participation in the war by asking for his head as charity explaining to him that before a battle, the head of the bravest Kshatriya needs to be sacrificed, in order to sanctify the battlefield. Barbarika was astonished by the demand of a Brahman so he asked him to reveal his real identity, since he cannot be an ordinary Brahman. Krishna transformed himself into his Divine form and blessed Barbarika. Before decollating himself, Barbarika told Krishna of his great desire to view the forthcoming battle and requested him to facilitate the same. Krishna agreed and placed his head on top of a hill overlooking the battlefield. From the hill, the head of Barbarika watched the entire battle.
At the end of the war, victorious Pandava brothers argued amongst themselves as to who was responsible for their victory. Krishna suggested that Barbarika’s head, which had watched the whole battle should be allowed to judge. Barbarika’s head suggested that it was Krishna alone who was responsible for the victory. Barbarika replies, “All I could see was a divine chakra spinning all around the battle field, killing all those who were not on the side of Dharma.” Listening to this, Pandavas realized that it was Lord Narayana who actually cleaned up the world from Adharma, and the Pandavas were mere instruments.
Barbarika is popularly known and worshiped as Khatu shyamji nowadays. He witnessed the entire battle of Mahabharata from the hill which is now known as Khatu Shyamji located in Rajasthan, Sikar District. His other name is God Kamrunaag and is treated as the Biggest and main god in District Mandi, in Himachal Pradesh. A pond and a temple are situated in Kamru hill in Sundernagar, District Mandi.
This was the complete story of Barbarika which many of us did not know. Now starts the real motive of writing this article. Life is no less than the Mahabharata. And as we have learnt that Krishna was the key player in the Mahabharata, so is our Brain in our lives. The only difference is that Krishna being the ideal always took decisions in the favor of humanity, but our brain though the supreme power with infinite intelligence is affected by the environment and situations very easily and hence makes decisions according to the most repeated and dominating thoughts. Ambiguous and dubious thoughts keep on making the battle more difficult and challenging. And the three arrows of Barbarika’s are the physical, the mental and the emotional levels in our life. And the turmoils, conflicts and confusions in them are the biggest challenges found almost everywhere in our lives, which if controlled and used in the right way can help anyone to win the battle of our lives, but be careful arrows have equal power to destroy the things if you make mistake while marking the things, and above all physical, mental, and emotional levels (the three arrows) can be controlled by our brain (Krishna) because after all they emerge from the same. But still I have few tips to make your arrows your strength as I am doing.
The first turmoil is at physical level which can be fought by eating healthy food and preventing yourself from polluted environment, which is unavoidable nowadays, I won’t go deep on this physical level because you better know how to heal your body than anyone other can tell.
The second disorder is at mental level, we are running in our thoughts to match up with this world and hence ending up in mental torture and stress. Sometimes it’s better to stop, take a deep breath, refresh your mind, think about the goal, make smart strategy and then start walking smartly to achieve your goals, rather than running and falling short of breathes at the end. You are unique, and so are your goals. So stop giving torture to your mind for the sake of others, because you can never match up with their frequency neither you need to. To sum up in one line “compete with your own self not the others.” Then the success is your possession.
The third and the most important which rules all of us is emotional turmoil. I have seen my bravest friend crying on her breakup who literally boasted herself for being strong, may what come. I have seen the strongest guy, breaking into pieces, when ditched by a friend. All I want to say is that emotions are something which can overrule any other thing and situation. Being happy is the infallible emotion which can help you win any battle of life. I am being nostalgic to one incident. Once I was having a very serious fight with my roommate, I was getting afraid from inside by the argument she landed upto, she was actually about to abuse me, and I smiled. I don’t know why I did it, but I did and the result was she smashed the door with full of her energy and went out from the room. All that mattered to me at that time was that the fight ended without she uttering anything bad for me. Emotions have the power to change the situation. And the best way to become the master of emotions is meditation. (NO NO NO! I am not talking about that traditional meditation that you just now imagined yourself, sitting on cross legs and chanting AUM. Meditation is effective even if done for five minutes but regularly. Just being in present and feeling your breath for five minutes is all you have to do to become the master of your emotions). It is the only way so start practicing from the day itself, and notice the change in yourself. Thoughts are the most powerful energy of all existing in this world and the only way to control them is living in present. I have read somewhere “ The best leaders spend the vast majority of their time being present in the present.”

Become Barbarika, use your arrows in right direction and win the battle of your life.