Do you care if the street dog is starving?

“You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who can do nothing for them.”

I everyday see this lady from my office premises, she has devoted rest of the life in serving street dogs, she feels it’s her responsibility to make sure that they are not hungry and they get healthy food. These dogs can do nothing for her, still she comes everyday with bags full of chapattis and eggs, mixes them separately for every dog in a bowl, and then serves them and assures that they eat it completely and then go. She is the biggest lesson to the humanity, we don’t even treat ordinary man nicely if we know he can’t serve us in anyway, but this lady even cares about the ordinary street dogs.

Isn’t the way different in how we behave if the dog is street dog, a common one, who is barely recognized by anybody on this planet, not even by the mother who brought it on this Earth. And at the same time same we, treat pet dogs so well, the dogs which we have either brought by spending handful of money or the one that belongs to one of our friend. We change so spontaneously. Our behavior changes so spontaneously. We are ready to kiss the dog we bought but we step back 10 steps if we see the street dog is trying to come closer to us. Many of us behave like this. And same is the way we treat people in our life, our behavior changes with the people. I have read recently “A man’s character is defined by how he treats an ordinary person”, which has really touched my conscious. We unconsciously don’t realize but we all change our behavior according to the person we meet in terms of how he can help us and how he can’t. Humanity needs a favor guys, it wants you to be aware that before anything else you are a human!

Thanks for your precious time you gave to read this.