And she finally wrote a letter to her Mom!

Dear Maa,
Your silly girl, worth for nothing has grown up into a mature lady who is admired by most of the men because she has different body structure unfortunately not because she has a pure heart.

She has grown up to be worthy and fit into this so called social world, where people play among themselves to defeat humanity, where the number of times sleeping in the bed with a guy is a measurement of love, where the freedom she give them to crush herself without raising her voice is called sacrifice and where She is unheard if She raises her voice to tell them that She exist independently and beg of them to please not count her in number as She is one and the only one with this identity and this combination of DNA, found nowhere else in this Universe except at your home Maa.

Remember when She was small you used to protect her from all odds that came in her life, now you don’t because you think She has added more number of years in her age and hence She can protect herself. You know Maa you did an amazing job but she is failing, every time she thinks she has grown up enough to be strong, she finds herself more broken and sees this time there are more number of pieces to collect and bring together to move on again.
She has grown up but like an ant who’s life is so ephemeral so she still needs you Mumma, for there are things that she is still struggling with!
She has grown up that she is now able to put mascara on her lashes without spilling it over her face, but she is still not able to walk among them without spilling her emotions when she is broken.
She has grown up that she is now able to wear the dress properly putting her right arm in right sleeve, but still she is not able to put her right love for right person.
She has grown up that she is able to live without you and pamper herself when she is ill, but Mumma she is still not able to pamper herself when her heart aches as it is not stronger anymore to take fake emotions they show!
She has grown up that she is now able to choose the best colour of lipstick to put on, which makes her smile different but Mumma they make this difference a blot on her identity by saying she is weak, she is vulnerable, she is worthless, she is a trophy to win not the competitor in the game, she is showy, she is easy, she is a Girl-a home maker not a bread earner!
Maa will you tell them what she is?

For She wants to live like her, your still silly but grown up girl!
For She wants not to be judged and discouraged before she takes a move!
For she wants not to be killed inside your womb, before she can come to this world!
For She wants not to be used as a prop for someone’s lust and loneliness!
For she wants to be known for what she is not for what they think she is!

For she wants to make you proud by being your daughter not your son. She wants them to say “Ye aapki pyari beti hai” not ” Ye aapki beti ni aapka beta hai”
Maa please will you tell them what she is? Because you were the first person to witness her being, nurturing her with your love. You knew what she was since she was just an egg in your womb. You felt her existence when they were just praying her to be a boy but you remained silent because you knew what she was and you still know what she is!