How to be a master of Speaking English.

I have never thought of that, I will be writing this post, but I always wanted to write it. Every time I just made up my mind to do so, two voices came from my inner self, one said, “ Yes Saumya you can write this, you have been good in English always and may be you can help people..” and the other said “O man..!! are you kidding me..? You are gonna tell people that English is an easy language? Just shut up, and you yourself go and read first…Its not yet the right time ” Five minutes of battle of ambiguity between both and finally the second thought won always..! And my super brain instructed my fingers to type on Google “ good English articles”, giving pain to my beautiful eyes I just kept on increasing my knowledge.

Today morning finally I am giving pain to my fingers again but this time my first thought is celebrating its victory..:) ( It won with a very small and insignificant reason, you want to know..? Okhay if you don’t want to know just skip further lines in bracket but this is how you take fair and important decisions, they just happen in a moment, if it takes long, your devil thought always dominate like it was happening with me since last two years when I first thought to write this post( here is my reason, “ Today in the morning when I opened my eyes, as usually I checked my mobile phone I had one text message which displayed – ‘Learn English in just 24 hours’ I really got attracted to it and could not control my finger to click on the link given in the message, and you won’t believe it was the rubbish article I have ever read. But I will always be thankful to this message because it boosted up my confidence to write what was pending since last two years.))

Okay let’s come to the point now. Answer yourself few questions if you really want to judge whether you need to learn English or not. There’s no point of wasting time on anything unless you have the answer of one question i.e “ Why are you doing it..?”

Don’t even think of starting it unless you figure out “ How dedicated you are for it..?” English has become oxygen for many fields nowadays and being an Indian, we often underestimate the importance of it. If you are perfect master of English, many of the battles of life towards your dream become a cakewalk for you. English has many advantages and benefits. Let us see what they could be. It will also helps you to answer the question, “Why to learn English?”

Everybody who urges to learn English has one very strong and worthy reason, apart from that in general it is like this:

English is needed for any corporate job you want to opt for.
It enhances your personality
It pulls you out of the herd, and makes you noticeable
If you communicate well, you are more confident, and hence you leave a good impact on other people.
It’s an International language as you all know, hence will help you at any round of the corner in world, wherever you go.
There are many more advantages which you will gradually discover by yourself once you start practicing it.

English is very interesting and amazing language. But the most important thing is “how to learn it from beginning.” I will give you the self tried and tested method. But before I start I want to tell you something about myself so that you can get a feel that, learning English though requires consistency but is not at all a hard nut to crack. When you start learning, it makes your life interesting and exciting day by day. I come from a very small village, if you are a beginner also you would not ever be as naive as I was, I knew nothing about English. And not to deny the fact that everybody of last 19th century and 20th century has got our education from a convent school where the medium of studies has been English, same was the case with me, but I had always an urge to learn English so that I can perfectly represent myself in front of others. Have never limited myself to just be able to read my subject books. And now when I am writing this post, I am confident enough because I have taught many people how to learn English, I have been English trainer since last two years and before that, I have applied most practical methods to learn it. You can never be a good teacher unless you too have walked the same path, which you are suggesting your students. I have always found students convinced by the ways told by me, because I too have gone through same phase once, struggling to learn English which was like drinking a soup of challenge mixed with flavors of interest in it, that little flavor of interest worked wonders and the result was undoubtedly amazing as you can too feel it. The most important thing you need to practice before start learning anything is to keep faith on the source of your guidance. The more you trust the better outcomes you receive.

So here are the most simple yet most effective ways to learn English, you not at all have to manage your time so that you can spare some extra time for English, You need not to worry about sources, neither you need to search for a mentor who can guide you. I have some super amazing ways which works incredible but only if you try them seriously, keeping full faith in them.

Are you ready for this amazing journey which could have magical effects for you as well. Try to grasp each and every point explained below,

Imagine yourself the master of English– First and foremost thing you need to do is, start imagining yourself as the person who knows perfect English, start feeling English, start living English, start thinking in English i.e. try to converse with yourself in English. Let me tell you how, two types of thoughts continuously run inside your brain, one which are in .JPG(picture) format and the other in MP3(audio) format…..Confused???? (Okhay just stop reading for a while and concentrate on your thoughts, you will get to know what exactly I want to explain you. Whatever you think it’s always converted into picture format which continuously displays in your brain and listen the inner voice which is nonstop played in your brain that is the thought in audio format.) You continuously talk to yourself something or the other which is not under your control, so let’s make use of it in a best possible way. Try to make those conversations in English. I did the same thing, and today also I follow the same which always adds up to my confidence. You need not to take out any extra time for it, just take pains to remember it and include it in your daily routine of thoughts.
5 minutes of faith- Keeping trust on yourself and your efforts, practice “Imprinting Technique” for 5 minutes, 2.5 minutes before you go to sleep and 2.5 minutes after you open your eyes in the morning. Is it so tough?? I don’t think so. Yeah the next question in your brain is obviously genuine, “ I can feel your inner voice asking you, What is Imprinting Technique?” Let me explain you this magical theory that definitely works if you are doing it correctly and regularly. Imprinting techniques is pushing your most desired thoughts into your subconscious mind, which is referred to as the infinite intelligence that exists in you. Many psychological studies and researches have proved that whatever thought goes to our subconscious mind that turns into reality. So now what you need to do is follow three simple steps daily for 2.5 minutes before you go to sleep and after you wake up.
Closing your eyes imagine yourself to be a perfect reader, writer and speaker of English, see yourself interacting with others in English, watch yourself giving speeches in English.
Think the moment ever in your life till now where you achieved something and you felt extremely happy doing it.
Have faith in this method. Say to yourself that you trust this technique and you believe that your first imagination will become true.
(let me explain it in a more convincing way, when the feeling of trust is developed in your brain for anything, your infinite intelligence starts taking it more seriously, and repeated thoughts of which push that feeling into your subconscious mind, which turns your thoughts into reality.)

Read as loudly as you can- You must always take out time for reading something daily. It should be included in your daily routine. Reading has many pros. Reading enhances your critical reasoning skills and it’s the best exercise of your brain, infact it is like the food of the brain. When you read loudly you yourself are able to judge your mistakes you are making in pronunciation and you are grasping English through two important sensory organs, i.e eyes and ears which are more effective.
Learn 3 new words daily- Whatever you read daily search 5 new words from that stuff and find their meanings and use them in your day to day conversation, if you don’t find that platform to interact in English in your surrounding then speak to yourself by forming the sentence with those new words and then see you’ll learn them easily rather than mugging them up. 3 words daily is not a very big deal if you are really serious for learning it.
Speak in English to yourself in front of mirror- This is an amazing exercise to increase your confidence. The more you speak in front of the mirror the more confident you become. Try it once and start feeling the difference from day one. I have once read an article. It was written by anonymous but it talked about the study which the writer performed in his surrounding by asking 5 people to perform this exercise of reading a topic in front of mirror for 15 days and other 5 to learn and prepare the same topic. All 10 were of same level in spoken English but after 15 days when they were asked to give the speech which they prepared, 5 which always read in front of the mirror were 100 times more confident and had correct pronunciation than other 5 who just learnt that topic. Results were really surprising, you can judge yourself.
If you seriously follow above steps, I can guaranty you will definitely be the master of English. Just be true to yourself, listen English audios, listen English songs along with lyrics, and be crazy. Stop caring about people for sometime. Don’t give damn to them, what they say, how they react when you speak, just keep on doing it and keep rocking and remember always English is not an aliens language.