How to feel better?

This is something that you must read which should definitely help you feel better while you’re struggling hard towards your road to success.

By paying close attention to my own feeling since past few months, I have realized that there are many instances when I am not feeling good without any known and obvious reason, somehow I feel like a failure, like a person who is not capable enough to find destination, like there is a missing dot to connect me and my purpose. And since it has started happening to me a lot, I thought to take it serious and find some solution. It won’t be surprising if you don’t believe the solution can be so simple and how randomly I learnt that.

A very small incident happened to me recently when I went on a road trip with friends to a bird sanctuary named Nalsarovar, unfortunately we couldn’t get inside it which was suppose to be our destination because the moment we arrived at the place we got to know that it is closed for visitors that day, you know what was my reaction?? “Damnnn, it was all waste
One of my friend didn’t like these words of mine which made me wonder why would she behave like the way she was, as far as I know her she would have been in agreement with my sentence, rather calmly she said “Saumya, it’s not the destination that is important, it’s the journey that we were in.” she continued “We enjoyed so much while we were heading to this place, do you really think it was all waste“, I felt like someone has just came and shook me from bed while I was in deep sleep, that sentence affected me so much, I was like ” of course not yaar, you’re so right, we should enjoy the journey, that’s what is success in it self

This was a small insignificant incident but has taught me a biggest lesson of life. Today when I see around, I notice the same story everywhere, everyone is worried, stressed and demotivated because we have imagined a place called “Success” as our destination which we think is getting far. While the life keeps happening to us, we forget to live in the journey as we keep chasing the destination, and at the end we realize, that was not how it was supposed to be lived. We keep yearning for the day to be happy, the day when people will finally address us with the word “successful” and what we don’t realize is that, if we aren’t happy while we are walking towards that so called ‘happy day’ we will have to walk forever until we get to our death bed, that if we aren’t already grateful for the identity that we hold now, we’ll have to wait forever to be grateful for the identity we have dreamed of.

That very day made me feel so good when I realized LIFE is no different than a JOURNEY, there won’t be any day which will last forever, days will pass by and we will continue to move towards our end,

Is that what we decide our destination to be??

If yes, your choice to mourn today and consider yourself a failure.
What I choose is the happy today, and consider myself already successful for wherever I am, and be grateful to the Universe for life and experience that had already happened to me, because I am not excited about the destination, I’m excited about the life that will happen to me the very next moment, that’s how it will go forever until my last breathe.

Short Tip: Just the realization that “Success is, not reaching a particular destination but embracing each moment of the journey you are in” will make you feel better and give strength to fight against the odds given by life!

Because there is no such thing asroad to successrathergetting on road itself is a success“.

Your Turn,
Tell me what is the definition of ‘SUCCESSFUL’ for you in comments below?