I too HAD Best Friends…!!!

Sounds very common….isn’t it? What’s new in it if I too had Best Friends, or let’s accept it, that if I had best friends and may be I would have made some amazing memories with my BFs(best friends) which are significant to me… BUT important thing here is,why in the heaven you will be interested in my story of having a best friend.? Let me give you one instance to justify that my story is very much different than what you can think. Whenever we acknowledge this particular word “best friend” everyone of us become nostalgic and silly,crazy, funny flashbacks start with a smile on our face. This is what happens with almost everybody except few like me, who also start cursing the moments as well, as to why God destined us to meet.

So now the thing is why am I sharing this post with you all?

If you decide to read just keep in mind its not a fiction I am writing to entertain you or add some sympathy element in my pocket… The purpose is to add the different aspect of this word “friend” which is actually the reality for most of the people but, I don’t know why we consider it so holy that we never think that it can also happen. If you stop reading and give a glance to the topic once again it says “ I too HAD Best Friend” and the story is all about to share my learning on behavior of a BF and its prediction one can make.(best say the prediction I made) Before I write further, I have a question for you….“ What is the definition of a best friend according to you?” Well, let me initiate and tell you what the general answer one will give….“ A BF is someone who loves you without any terms and conditions, who helps you without expecting the same in return, who stands for you when world is against you, who treats you like father when you excel in something and treats you like mother when you feel low, one with whom you can be as much silly as you want. Only he can save you from wetting your pillows with the salted water coming out of your eyes because your someone very special ditched you. He can save you from going in that dark world which you have planned to abode, when cheated in love and many more unexpected good things” Yes. This is what the general and ideal definition of BF exists in our brains. But can you deny this fact that BF is also a human being, he is not an ideal you ever thought he would be, he too has the evil feelings of jealousy, competition, hatred that humans can’t get rid of. What if these feelings start dominating in them? I know what you are feeling right now…you must be thinking I am gonna curse this relationship of friendship in my further writing and I would demotivate you for having a BF because I have gone through all this. May be you are right, I started writing this post with the same feeling inside me, but since I am through this I have suddenly discovered the clandestine which was ensconced in my miserable feeling that I have always addressed from every BF I have got. So now what I will be telling is the extraordinary experiences which I have got from each one of them. It may not be the story of mine only, what I have noticed through is that every ten in hundred have it in their life. May be if you are one of those ten then you will definitely like this.

So here I go….I was born and brought up in a small village not too far away from urban environment but still had no electricity or other basic amenities which residential areas should have, moreover there was no culture of making friends at all, but to be very fortunate my parents admitted me to the convent school where I have made few friends, just to roam around with them and share my lunch, that’s all I knew the purpose of making friends at that time. It continued for consecutive eight years, meanwhile I had made two which I used to keep in my BF list. Here came first right turn of my life, due to the transfer of my father’s job I had to also transfer my school from one place to other, and as soon as I broke contact with them, there was no more friendship.

New place, new people and new environment all together, not only I got transferred to other school but we also shifted to other place. (My transition from village to city will take another one more post if start describing so I am keeping it safe for next time.) It was second day of my new school, when I got introduced to 3 girls altogether because we had coaching classes in common. Though they were not in my section but we used to meet in lunch time and then slowly and gradually one of them started sharing something every special with me. We became best friends. Once again I refreshed my friend list. At this particular phase of my life I was mature enough to understand the meaning of true friendship which she taught me. She was really very special for me, she made me understand, how the presence of someone of her kind can make difference in your life. We are not friends anymore but if someone suddenly

asks me ” Do you have a best friend?” I just get a cloud pop-up in my brain’s

display center which has only her picture. She was my first BF( yes I had many after that ) Though the way we separated was very insignificant reason to break such a strong bond but it taught me the first lesson of friendship.

> Friends are people to handle with care. Otherwise you will regret like me.

Soon after I was done with her friendship I was also done with my school. Now I was again ready for new life, new people, new atmosphere. Yes..!! you are guessing right, eagerly awaited graduation degree was waiting for me, in one of the engineering colleges in my city for which I had to piss my self off for four years. First day of college and I was blank except one strong thought that overshadowed my brain, ” may what, will not make friends..! ” Ironically this was the first thing I did, the very same day one of the girl from that crowd seemed familiar to me, though I had never known her before. We got introduced and from next day we started sitting together. Each day we started sharing more closer relationship, our first blockbuster event together was the dance performance in fresher’s party, followed by robotics competitions, acting in college annual fest, and many more. She was my world in my college, though many groups were formed after the end of the first semester but we two remained only for each other. My friend list once again refreshed. The care and support which I got from her at times made me felt that she was really a blessing, I opened up all my secrets to her. She was even more mature and clever than me, so I often followed her suggestion and found results it satisfactory. She started becoming my weakness, but I was least bothered because it was embedded inside my head that she will be there with me even in my grave. I have spent one of the very important phase of my life with her and her company totally justified it, we did all crazy things together we could do. And then final one day she did really unexpected thing which could have almost destroyed my career but by god’s grace I could some how manage to save myself but it taught me the second lesson of friendship.

> Never depend on your friend for anything completely, always have a backup. Well, this is true for anything you do in your life depending on somebody else, because if you start finding an alternative after “Plan A” fails you’ll lag far behind in the race of success.

Whatever said and done I have started it fresh once again with similar positive approach, shifted in PG, again got new atmosphere, new people, this time I had a firm thought not to make any friends, but you know here comes the “destiny”, it also had a firm decision for me to teach me all the basic lessons of friendship, and this is one thing you cant run away from. Again I have got a friend in the form of roommate, who was so caring and sweet that one could never think of that she can cheat anybody. We became close cobbers, perfect pals, bosom buddies whatever you can call, friend list once again updated, forgetting the history I was almost lost in her friendship keeping blind faith on her, and then history repeated itself, she stabbed the dagger at my back with the same sweetness as she used to be, me having no idea what was happening and who was doing, used to cry on her shoulder for the pain which was given by her only considering she is my BF, and BFs are only made to wipe tears not to be the reason of it, but again it taught me the third lesson of friendship.

> Never keep a blind trust on any body not even on your best friend.

I know I am not writing anything new but generally these things are applied on strangers or just a friend in our life, when it comes the matter of best friend we never apply any lesson, and then we are left broken. The only option left with us is to gather the pieces of broken heart and assemble them and start new. Because at the end of the day you can’t live without a friend, you need one to laugh with you and cry for you, share happiness on your success and be pillar of motivation in your failure, otherwise life wont be so beautiful and amazing. God has today also blessed me with two BFs, I am blessed to have them in my life, but I am well aware about the lessons as well, so I am handling them very carefully, not at all dependent on them for my success, and I trust them, but this time it has two eyes ? (have spects in backup too), in short its not blind. And yes I don’t want to learn the fourth lesson, but since my destiny is there so may be I would update this post with the fourth lesson which I never want to….!!!