Do you know the best man in your life? I do!

Well, it’s a father’s day, and we all are suddenly feeling so much love for him, wishing everyone “Happy Father’s Day” except your own father. Because today we just started living in the world where everything is necessary for the people in your social media connection, you want to always live up to their expectation and forget to do something which is really necessary. We have lost the real intentions behind the occasions for what they are meant for! Well, before you think I am preaching something, let me mention how I started my father’s day. First thing in the morning as I opened my eyes I just thought of my papa and realized how much I love him( I almost always think about my parents in the morning and thank them from my heart for everything they did for me, I do it as my first morning prayer, and this is what makes my rest of the day go amazing)
I realize that who ever I am today it’s because of his support.
And the next thing I did was, I called him, told him that it’s your day papa, and “I love you so much, you have been my real strength always” That’s all you have to do this day!
Posting a picture on social media with him, and wishing each other without first telling him how much you love him, dear, if you are doing it you didn’t understand the real meaning of this day!
Don’t forget the time when you wanted your best toy, he gave you with the money he could have replaced those torn shoes!
Don’t forget the day when everyone was bullying you but he stood behind you to whisper in your ears “my dear son/daughter, you’re the best on this planet”
Please don’t forget the day it was him holding your hand whenever you were walking with fear, he kept on reminding you to calm down as no power can harm you until he’s standing by your side, remember he taught you to be this fearless.
Don’t forget that he worked really hard because he wanted to give you life he didn’t have when he was like you.

So I really want you to please do something for him today, something that is all he wants: The fortunate ones who have their fathers with them please go, hug him without thinking anything and say “Papa, I love you, enough of the things you have done for me, now it’s my turn to assure you, no matter what, I’ll always stand by your side, and be your bulletproof jacket, Papa, I’m now capable of becoming your strength!” All he needs is to know that you are there for him!
And the little unfortunate ones like me, who aren’t living with their parents, please call him, and simply say “I love you papa, you are the only superhero I have seen in reality, you are the best man in my life”
And then celebrate this day and wish each other “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY”