Lessons learnt on a night in real clouds-Part 1

It all started when I decided to welcome life with open arms and have given myself permission to be HAPPY being UNCOMFORTABLE. I just thought it’s enough of living in my own small world, it’s time to create a bigger world, it’s time to know more happening people, it’s time to explore the most beautiful thing on this planet-Nature.
So in spite of knowing the previous history of the place by reading the experience-http://rushiraj.in/a-night-with-leopards/, I said yes for a trip to Champaner-Pawagarh which was being organised for the volunteers of Invincible NGO. The person behind this profound Organisation is Mr. Rushiraj Mori. Since I have volunteered myself to one of the conference, I got connected with him. That was really a best decision I took that I chose to be a part of UDGHOSH otherwise it would have been impossible to meet some amazing people.
Talking about the journey, to be very frank I was really excited because it was first time I was about to do something as adventurous as this one. I roughly had idea that there will be around 40 people including me and except 3 or 4 all will be unknown. But because the people I am gonna meet and be with were so full of life that everything turned out to be just fabulous.
My day started with really unfavorable events, my scooty refused to move above speed of 20 kmph, rains were really trying to get as heavy as they can and my very dear auto wale bhaiyyas saw me as an opportunity to make as much profit from me as they can, since I’m so stupidly honest that I told them, I’m in the most emergency situation and have to reach earliest to my destination. The irony is that the amount they were asking from me was more than the expenses of my whole trip. Trying to save those bucks, I have already created chaos around me by stepping inside a moving bus having no idea where will it take me. I just wanted to be moving and reaching somewhere as I really was afraid of someone senior to me who was waiting in Ahmedabad to take me along with him at the common place where everyone was about to meet. According to the plan I left my home early so that I could perfectly make before time but instead of reaching few minutes early I reached 1 and half hour late. I was ready to face the consequences and apologize as much as required, but fortunately Narendra Sir turned out to be the most genuine and humble person to understand my situation and forgive me. There I met with three other guys – Mukesh, Jemeesh and Ravi. Those approximately 150 kms from Ahmedabad to Champaner bus stop evaporated like vapours in the air.

I am a big fan of my darling disease-motion sickness. For me it’s nearly impossible to sit in car for more than half and hour but I was literally enjoying that journey with full excitement without feeling even a hint of any sickness. Laughing, talking, leg pulling(especially of Mukesh) teasing him for his English blunders which he refused to be accountable for ‘Somiya Medan is Missing due to high rain ☔‘ {Well he said he was not the one who sent this message, and he also isn’t aware about who did from his phone :p} This was really hilarious explanation. I remember Narendra sir literally nailed it in group by his replies on the same.
With end of all these funny moments there came our first destination. Excitement changed its gears and reached one more level up. I could see a crowd with trekking bags on their shoulders standing in queues one behind the other and facing that crowd was standing a man in black, equipped with all the necessary emotions to fill us with confidence and make us fearless for the coming 24 hours. This man was nobody but Rushi Sir. I slowly reached the place gave a respectful smile to this profound personality and settled myself in the queue to listen to the instructions which would be life saving.
Okay So here I want to tap my back, because next few sentences that I heard from him could have actually taken away my excitement from me and made me afraid like hell. But there wasn’t even a tinge of fear and I simply felt more and more excitement.
Here he goes:
” If you are afraid of wild animals, you can quit right here as the night where we gonna stay has maximum possibilities of wildlife invasion” Before he could finish his sentence, I stared at him, swallowed my saliva to hide my fear and show that it doesn’t matter who ever invades, I am not afraid. I was trying to gather more courage and there it was bang again! “And If you really believe in ghosts and you are frightened by one, please turn your faces and go back to your home, because this night we are gonna stay at haunted place” My heartbeat took a roller coaster ride reaching up and coming down in seconds, a wave of fear started from my hardworking heart which was already beating fast and reached my legs making me shiver, as I am the one who is victim of my own imaginations of ghosts and spirits. But believe me only one thing kept me standing there gripping the floor hard, and that was “the confidence on the face of the man saying all these words“. There was a feeling of deep trust and faith on him and all the volunteers standing beside him who seemed fearless. The vibration that I could get from him were whispering out loud in my ears “but in any case I’ll be there, my brain recalled the moments from history that last time when they were stuck facing bears and leopards at the same place, they handled it bravely”. The feeling of trust made me stand there and motivated me to do this adventure. This Saumya who was actually not fitting into the reality of what was being said in front her, stood boldly to take the challenge and get an experience of whatever was about to happen.
First lesson– In any case if you find someone who in any condition is standing in front of you or beside you emitting the vibrations of confidence, strength, power and fearlessness your mind really absorbs it, it works Man!!! It works, with my very own experience, It works miraculously.

You can fight even the toughest battles of your life if you have a mentor whom you see and get a feel that no matter what, he’ll be there to guide,
even if you’re lost in the jungle wide,
ocean’s high tide,
he’ll pull you out with his charismatic stride!

P.S: I really did not wanted to bore you by making it a long post, but the experience is worth sharing and reading, so i’ll continue it in next post i.e part 2. Stay tuned….!

With Love: