Lessons learnt on a night in real clouds-Part 2

Ones who have read ‘Lessons learnt on a night in real clouds- Part 1‘ will be tuned with what I’ll write further and ones who didn’t, will have to read it, to get complete understanding of it.

Soon after learning lesson one, I just made myself familiar with few very happenings faces around me, I met Neha, a girl who opened her arms wide to hug me the moment she saw me. We interacted on Whatsap a night before this adventure for the very first time, and that was the only connection we had. But she was so amiable that I never felt that it was the first time I was meeting her. With her I got bonus introduction of 3 other amazing souls- Farhat, Tarang and Aditya, filled with their own characteristics of uniqueness.
Next face who smiled wide at me was of Dhara, well I saw myself in her, the same physique and that same enthusiasm to live this experience. I remember she was afraid of rains but irony was that almost everyone had a backup of raincoat except her. There were few more smiles at me, but in the rush of getting ready for trek I could not get pleasure of their introduction.

Okay, so few minutes later trekking began. It was like READY STEADY and CLIMB.

We all started it with the bags on our back. After around half a kilometer of walk, clouds welcomed us again by sprinkling their love on us, for which we weren’t ready at all, specially me. Me, in myth of being the smartest person on this planet, have kept poly bags in one chain and other stuffs in other chain of my bag. God knows why even I took those empty poly bags, anyways by the time I could wear a raincoat put stuffs in poly bag everything was almost wet.
Gasping and panting soon we reached a place from where the real trekking started- All I could see was stairs, which were turned into mini waterfalls because of stunning welcome done by clouds, shedding every single drop of water they had. By seeing the view: my brain said” Hell NO, You Can’t” but my heart said ” Ohhh YESSS, You Can!” And I did.

I kept on moving and finally I was able to make up till the end. Though I won’t forget the motivation that I have got from Dhruv, (the “OFF ROAD” man)  I really want to thank him for sharing my bag, it was really kind gesture. Paren, for that motivating smile(When you are in the midst of pain, a healthy smile can do healing better than a pain killer, try someday) There were few more whose name I couldn’t get chance to ask but they all contributed in making it really easy. We reached the final destination after around 6 hours . Poor me along with other stuffs on my body, was drenched in heavy rains, the weight of bag escalated from 5 kgs to 10 kgs because of water that was soaked in everything, and I had to climb up with that heavy weight.I have already started shivering before I was about to reach the final destination with name- Navlakha Kothar- a place where clouds,wild animals and ghosts live. (I have called a night in clouds in title because other two I couldn’t get chance to see :p) I kept on shivering until we returned back on plains! That was record breaking event- as it was the longest duration that I shivered in my whole life till the day.
Well in recent discussions I got to know that distance we covered in trek was approx. 18kms up and down.  And the wind speed on the peak where we stayed was 78 mph, not by number but by experience I Know it was extreme. Being 42kg I was not able to stand stable, it was that intense.

Apart from all these thrilling experiences, that night taught me so many lessons:

The place we were about to stay was a historical structure with seven domes(in the picture above), having nothing inside it except 6 huge open windows, but for that night it was our palace, more than 7 star hotel which would save our life.

We all were so hungry but there was nothing available nearby which we could eat. But as I told you that trip was full of INVINCIBLES, and that is where three senior instructors, taking this risky responsibility went down the hills in that intense fog and heavy rains to bring food for us. After long awaited hours, Pudi and Sambhar that they brought seemed so scrumptious. I am really grateful to them for being whatever they are.

Second Lesson: We make so many demands when we easily get food at home to eat, not only demands, feeling ungrateful we just throw the extra food outside but we never think about the one who are living in such areas, where there is so much scarcity of food. They always strive and wish not to sleep hungry. Aren’t we so fortunate to sleep with full stomachs every night. Shouldn’t we feel blessed and happy for the same? Shouldn’t we thank our mothers, and Universe for the same? We should, We definitely should stop counting our miseries and start thanking Universe for all these small things. As they are the ones which drive our life.
Unavailability of utencils and other stuffs made us eat those pudi’s on a newspaper, but who cared about on what we were eating, who cared the blowing wind carried so much of dust which was getting into the food, who cared the pudi is completely fried or not, all we felt was hungry……ok stop….and now recall something- Have you ever seen a beggar eating food in the dirtiest newspaper with dusty and tidy hands, have you just felt pity on him and thought he is the filthiest creature existing on this planet? Have you tried to distance yourself from him? I know you did, because you might not have been caught in a situation where you are so ravenous(hungry) that you just want to fill your belly with anything that can save your life, because you have never been grateful for the easy availability of the food around you. Today, before you start eating just close your eyes for few seconds and THANK Universe! I do!

Next phase: Being in wildlife prone area, we had to be very careful and vigilant about our surroundings, but we went there for adventure and fun so we all could not keep sitting keeping an eye on every moment,  hence this task was divided in a more systematic way and six senior instructors were given duty time as: 9.30-11.00 pm, 11.00-12.30 am, 12.30-2 am, 2.00- 3.30 am, 3.30-5 am, 5.00- 6.30 am and the seventh team would be with Rushi Sir, taking responsibility of whole night. Everyone was asked to stand in circle and Senior Instructors were given choice to select their team members randomly. I was selected by Paren and duty time was 9.30 to 11.00 pm. Every volunteer had to stand in front of those huge window along with his/her torch and has to keep an eye outside looking for those shiny blue eyes(eyes of bear or leopard).
Third Lesson: I have always been a responsible girl and have done all my duties with loyalty but this was something different, it was about our lives, I’ve gained a greater sense of responsibility. I was just not standing there with a torch in my hand staring that intense fog where nothing was visible, but I was the one to be careful and conscious because if I missed to notice the presence of those blue eyes, everyone’s life would be at risk.  Those 90 minutes taught me the biggest lesson, I realized people standing on borders of our nations so that we can sleep with peace are not just heroes, they are more than that. They are life savers and to be very true saving others life, by risking your own is not an easy task. It’s the most difficult duty you can opt for. All I could feel was respect and proud for the ones doing it. So the lesson was if someone is being a guard to save your life, worship HIM, not lifeless scriptures and rocks. They need your respect and attention not the one sitting in temples categorizing you as Hindu, Muslim and Jain. Whoever has guts to save your life is GOD!

Fourth lesson: Soon after my duty ended, I went to sleep, but as already described everything was wet, I did not had anything to cover my body with so that it could give me some warmth and I could sleep properly. That was the biggest realization of my life that how blessed I was to have a home, a bed to sleep, and all kind of luxuries. I really felt the pain of all those homeless people and poor who die in winters because they feel cold due to lack of shelter and warmth. I feel a responsibility greater than before to make myself capable enough to support them and help them save their lives. Since I have slept one night in that cold and windy place I realized the importance of shelter and how important role it plays in our lives. I no more feel I lack anything to live a healthy and successful life, I am already fortunate and blessed enough to be able to afford all sort of luxuries. We should quit complaining and begin being grateful for everything we have, Universe understands the language of gratefulness and gives you ten folds back.

If you feel you are unfortunate and you have less in your life to be thankful for and more to complain, just look around you, you’ll definitely find someone even not having what you have & if you think you are successful and have had enough of it to boast, again look around you, you’ll definitely find someone at higher level than you, in short, don’t complain for the things you don’t have and don’t have ego for the things you have. Just keep on moving with happy heart full of love, care and affection for everyone around you in this journey of life as it’s not less than any adventure and people need motivation for any adventure. Be a Motivation! 

"Gratefulness is the panacea of all insatiable 
yearnings of life"

Thank you so much for sparing your precious time and reading it.
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some important lessons of life. 

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