How I lived 10 days without Speaking a Word!

Ten Days of Intense Summer with just Fan in Room
No Phone(Of course No Internet)
No Book
No Copy and Pen
No Communication with any other person
No Dinner

I know what are you thinking 😛

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Still I would say it was the best Experience, Read below to find out How and What was my motivation behind it
so that I want to do it again.

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And in order to put forward in front of you the level of difficulty I have to face there, I would describe myself a little. I am a girl who has a very serious relationship with her mobile phone, we hardly go apart from each other, I eat every two hours in a day, I take control of my overflowing thoughts by putting them down on paper, it’s hard for me to sleep without reading something and unless I have to catch a flight or train early morning, my day starts at 9.30 a.m earliest and ends around 1 to 2 a.m. It’s almost next to impossible for me to sit quiet for more than 5 mins and impossible for me to sit at a place continuously for more than 20 mins at max, if in my hands.

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The very first day when my ears heard this word “Vipassana” for the first time 15 months ago, I don’t know why but this word got my attention, I started searching to know more about this word. With little efforts I got to know that it is a kind of meditation practice and is taught in various centers all around the world including few nearby my place. I made up my mind to go for it and the very first positive signal from Universe was support and motivation by the management of my organisation and I was easily granted the leaves for 12 days, which otherwise would have been a difficult task.

I wanted to take up this challenge and have this experience of living a life of a monk, get up early in the morning, meditate, eat food donated by others and forget about anything else that exist except my breathes.
I started the journey alone a year ago, packed my bags, for the first time it had no books, no notebook, no phone charger, no makeup stuffs, no fancy dresses. It was kind of weird while doing it but then it all made sense later on.
I reached the center on time, it was in the outskirts of the city beside a less traveled road and once you enter the gate of the center all you will find is Peace, Nature and Silence except the chirping of birds. For few seconds until I could find out the office room I thought I came to a uninhabited place, where no human beings live. Slowly while moving forward I started hearing some noise and saw people entering a room. Reaching there I saw a crowd where maximum people were of age above 40 except few like me. We were asked to submit our phone and any paper we had including money.
That was the time my heart spoke “Wow, Saumya you are finally going to live this adventure”, I became more excited which turned into feeling of challenge as soon as I heard we all will be living with a partner in a room, and we strictly have no permission to interact with her also we have to avoid eye contact, my brain was not ready to accept the instruction as it was difficult for it to believe what my ears heard. How could it be possible to live with a person for 10 days in a small room, avoid eye contact and not utter a single word that too for a girl like me?

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But I did, let’s explore further how I made it 🙂

I soon got introduced to a lady who was supposed to be my companion in this adventure, until I was becoming aware of the reality another announcement came up which was “Please settle among your partners mutually the use of washroom timings and the bed you will occupy which should remain unchanged for next 10 days in 10 mins and gather in hall to start the lessons of Vipassana, and please note, you won’t be allowed to speak after that.”

I could hear the voices being loud from all around, everyone started settling matters with their partner including me, and all I could feel was butterflies in my stomach. I am giving lot of emphasis in how I started this process, because that is what is more important for anyone of you who would want to take up this life changing step of doing Vipassana, you need all the courage to make a firm “Decision” and once you take first action, law of inertia takes care of the rest.

And the moment came, when we all were gathered in the hall, allotted seat numbers where we have to sit for coming 10 days and learn the secrets of nature to live a fulfilling life. The first evening it was just an introduction of the process and we were asked to sleep at 9 p.m

First evening went well as my brain was excited for this new process happening around but the difficulty started the next morning.

We had to wake up at 4 a.m freshen up and start the ‘Anapan Kriya’ for next two hours until the bell rings. Sitting for one and half hours at a place with eyes closed was really difficult, and it was the toughest hour to focus on breathes with closed eyes for a person like me who has been taking the deepest sleep in those early hours of morning since forever until the day. Most of the time I realized I was taken away by sleep and other time my brain poked and gave reason and logic to get up and go out of that hall, the other times it created physical challenges like itching in the body,ears paid more attention to attractive sounds to open eyes and see, pain in my legs, etc etc, but somehow my feeling of accomplishment and hearing that bell sound at the end kept on fighting with these challenges and I sat.

I have got an idea that very morning itself, how difficult my days are going to be, rest of the days I did woke up at 4 a.m always, tried my best to sit and focus and do whatever I was told but I failed sometimes, there were days when my thoughts were so much over me that I had to stand up and leave the hall and roam around for minutes, there were times when I have opened my eyes in the middle of the process and there have been times when I wanted to run away from all of it, but today while I am writing this experience of mine and I am proud to write that I didn’t run away, I did it all and not only this I have earned few very precious moments of solitude where I have got the different feelings that have helped me in my life further.

“If you want treasures for lifetime, you will be required to dig deeper, and that requires enough hard work and dedication”
And because I have done that hard work I know the value of the gift I have got from Vipassana.

I would not go in detail of all the experience I had there, a book would also not be enough for that but I would like you all to know the schedule of the toughest days that I have lived:

Getting up at 4 a.m
Practicing Vipassana from 4.30 to 6 a.m
Breakfast from 6 a.m to 8
Practicing Vipassana from 8 am to 11.30 a.m
Lunch from 11.30 to 1 pm
Practicing Vipassana from 1 to 4 p.m
Refreshment break from 4 p.m to 5 p.m
Practicing Vipassana from 5 to 8 p.m
Words of wisdom by Guru ji from 8 to 9 p.m
Go to bed at 9 p.m (This used to be toughest time for me as everyday I used to feel so hungry and It was difficult to sleep feeling ravenous without having anything to read or anyone talk to)
And Repeat the process again next day
We sat with ourselves in the moments of solitude everyday for 11 hours a day. Our only aim of life was to learn the techniques and the way nature works.

As those 10 days were about to finish I started noticing difference in my thoughts, I started seeing the fruits of my hard work, to mention few:

  1. Many thoughts that earlier used to disturb me made no much difference at all.
  2. I started paying attention to the thoughts, I was learning to be in present gradually.
  3. I was no more yearning for anyone to hear my pain.
  4. I started accepting all the truths around me.
  5. I started feeling gratitude towards small things in my life.
  6. Law of nature became my primary Dharma.

And the biggest truth of Universe that I have not only learnt there but lived during those days was

“Nothing is permanent on this planet, neither the moments of pain nor the moments of pleasure, so one should not loose hope and quit and one should not be filled with ego and forget everyone around in state of pleasure. Every experience has it’s own limited timing and it will pass away. One should learn to be in a state of balance emotionally and act with the sense of humanity.”

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This was the state on the last day when we were asked to speak and communicate with people around whom we have been with for 10 days, we all had so different experiences all having blissful factor.

PS: I would come up with another post describing the benefits and feelings in details along with the learning that I have got from Guru S.N Goenka Jee soon. Stay tuned.

Stage is all yours now:

Hope you would like reading my unique experience and I would recommend every soul of this planet to have such experience in life as early as possible.
You can leave your thoughts in the comment section.