You are not wealthy enough, Want to know how?

You’re not wealthy enough if you get confused for what to wear in the morning!

You’re not wealthy enough if you still compromise to, on your desires!

You’re not wealthy enough if you are still not able to share your income with others!

You’re not wealthy enough if you are still living on paychecks!

You’re not wealthy enough if you are still paying some bank each month!

I know most of you are not wealthy enough, even I’m also not, but I have realized that I am not wealthy enough and the difference between you and me is that thought of “not being wealthy enough”. When it crosses my mind, it produces an electric spark inside me, and that spark meets the oxygen which I breathe and it turns into flame! So every time I breathe that flame keeps getting more and more stronger and robust. That flame with its increasing intensity keeps pushing me to my best version. It motivates me to work even if I am tired, it motivates me to work even if I don’t feel like! So If you have a confusion and very little options, this mere confusion should be enough to motivate you to hustle more!
“Real wealth is about having lot of options! “
It’s time to get up and start making it work! You’re bigger than what you actually think you are and therefore you can create lots of options for yourself as you deserve a better life than you are living.

Who will give you everything that you have ever dreamt of? Answer is YOU!

So Just get up and grab it, everything you want is waiting out there for you in, before it’s taken by some one else GO¬†hunt it and get it!

I wish you all the best!

Your Turn Now

Lets start by acknowledging your reasons which are stopping you from getting wealthy. Are you daring enough to tell the world what is stopping you form being wealthy, I invite you to write your reason in comment below, and I bet you will realize how big or small the reason is. If you can’t put that reason in comments below: Either you are already wealthy or You are just fooling yourself and making Excuses to others! I dare you to accept this challenge or else stop saying you have a dream to be successful someday, because that someday is gonna remain “someday” forever!

Success is not that healthy food in mother’s spoon which you get to experience sitting comfortably on your bed, the only thing you have to do is raise a call that you need it. Success is lion’s prey lost somewhere in those dense forests, you have to focus, chase it until you grab it and still you have to be aware of bones while you are already tasting it.¬†

Believe me, no reason is bigger enough to stop you from being successful, the only road blocker on your road to success is YOU!