Please “Don’t” give up on a person you are becoming!

The looks and reactions she was getting were strange,
The only thing she welcomed with open arms was better change!

I know you all want to open up and be the person you are in front of your best buddies(because with them, you feel comfortable and sure that they won’t judge you), you want to be the same person everywhere that you feel you are when alone at home( because no body is watching you) I know the person alone is really different from the same person you are among the crowd. I know you want to stop pretending and remove that mask which is fighting and struggling to please everyone and all you want to be is just YOU, the real you, who feels afraid in darkness, feels uncomfortable around people making fun of him/her, who is afraid of rejections, who is afraid of dying, who is in love with a girl secretly but isn’t gutsy enough to tell her, who has been admiring that winsome guy since so long but can’t tell him as the ego of being a girl is bigger than a desire to get him in your life… in short there are so many things in our life we keep resisting ourselves for, we don’t accept we are afraid, sad, broken, torn apart because they call such people failures, but the reality is we all are failures at some point of time, failures and our problems only make us strong. And it all happens because we are afraid to accept change. We don’t want to change our self so that we can stop resisting and start accepting our life, the real life, which isn’t having any influence of others, which is like living in ecstasy just being you.

Here is what I want you to do:

For God’s sake, please stop seeking for someone else’s validation. You are Sui Generis (Unique, one of your kind). How can you ask for the validation from someone who doesn’t match you at all. They all are unique and different they have no power to validate you so don’t give them that power by yourself. And please start validating yourself by your own actions and thoughts.
Want to spread love? Just go and tell people around you that you love them.

Feeling low? Want to cry? Oh come-on just burst into tears and let it go out, be careless for what will they say if they saw you crying, My dear beautiful soul, understand that they too have problems they too want to cry but all they are doing is pretending to be stronger and grown ups.

Well I refuse to pretend to be grown up if all it does is takes my inner peace away.

If I feel I want to dance like crazies in front of sophisticated people around me, I may end up doing one, because this is what I feel I am becoming.
Sometimes, the old and dominating version of myself who is the one worried about everyone else’s opinion takes control over me, and sows a seed of doubt inside my heart which contains the elements that lowers my confidence, and myself asks me a question. “Am I changing for the better?” Then there shouts a strong voracious voice from my inside which says “Yes darling yes, you are becoming the best you would ever have been. Don’t doubt on yourself Darling, and please don’t give up on the person you are becoming

I say the same thing to you, please don’t resist on yourself, and please don’t give up on a person you are becoming!

With love:

Your turn now:

Want to tell me and the world about what are you want to change but you aren’t because you are afraid “they” won’t like it?? You can put it in comments below!