Price paid when you grab the things you can’t afford!

“If you get what you can’t afford before time, you have to pay it’s interest lifetime”

The story I have described below is my real story with every experience as genuine as my existence. But I don’t limit this story to my own self because I know it’s the story of all of us living in this world of virtual reality. And I have a good news for you, I will show you the exact reality and will tell you all possible prices that we pay for being so impatient. I will try to break your false expectations and bring you out to the world of true reality. Because I know all you want is to be happy and successful.
“Living under your means” is the thing which you will get to read in all the books that give you financial advice. And that is what living in reality is. So with this post I want you to learn since today being more aware before wanting anything. Because here are three really big prices that you pay:

1. Paying much more: When you get something before you can afford it, you pay much more than its value. The things that we buy from credit card are lot more expensive because the interest we pay is always hidden. Banks have brain washed the people who are paid monthly in a such way that they take larger amount of money from them in smaller chunks and then keep paying lifetime with much more added interest. So I would suggest you to get a budget, plan before and save for the things you want to buy and get them when you can really afford. Please use CC as less as you can. Talking about wanting relationships in life, so if you become impatient and interrupt in the flow of life and you get someone in your life, you again keep paying interest by cursing yourself and in turn taking life away from yourself. You have no right to make yourself unhappy by choosing to give importance to the events that cause pain and sorrow. So just accept the life as it is.
2. Mental Stress: In spite of paying that extra amount you also get stress along with the things that you grab before you can really afford them. The moment you get things before time you never feel happy by getting it, which you earlier thought would bring you all the happiness you have ever yearned for, instead you start worrying about those EMI’s. Slowly and gradually you are trapped in those Easy Monthly Installments which prison you and make you work like slaves. Because you know you have to pay those bills and hence you have to work in any situation. You have to kill your passion and sacrifice your freedom because it can’t pay your bills.
3. Losing happiness and inner peace: The moment you make your desires your addiction, you aren’t able to recognize the feeling of being lured by those fancy things out in the world you start living in future and imaginations and lose the happiness that you have in present. Being happy is being in present and feeling grateful for what you have right now and then working hard to get what you desire for future. Getting in relationships before time is also something very harmful. Like I have described in my story below you should be patient and wait for right time, there is someone searching for you, he/she will come, until then you’ll just pay the higher price in form of pains, ruined emotions and broken hearts if you try to get one.
I would suggest you to ” GIVE TIME SOME TIME” and work hard enough towards your passion instead of just dreaming Start practicing art of living below your means, Stretch your leg according to the size of your bed sheet. Time will definitely come when you will be able to afford everything you ever wanted and this time you will not be a trap, instead you will welcome the things with happy heart.
This is what I have experienced before knowing the reality:

Just like you, when I was small (Well if you see me I am still one :p,) I used to think the day I’ll get young, I’ll definitely get a good job and will be able to afford everything I will ever dream of since then. The desire to get everything which was so illusive kept on increasing. Knowing fashion urged me to get the latest and best brand clothes, knowing technology urged me to get the best and most convenient devices that exist on this planet and knowing about outer appearance of human beings by seeing those super hot actors urged me to get the best looking boyfriend on this planet. Well Well Well….these were my virtual and fragile thoughts which seemed so real to me that they turned into the never ending desires and took me far away from reality, happiness and satisfaction. There came a fortunate day when after all those struggles I finally started earning. Everything that seemed so accessible when I just had the desire to get one, started getting away from me, life has started teaching me how to be an observer instead of the one who can experience the pleasure of getting whatever I was dreaming since decades. Fortunately and Unfortunately these tech gigs gave me something which fueled the intention of life of making me an ‘observer’ even more. They gave me a gift of smartphone and internet and then they made all the stuffs available to me on that cuboid which had screen and keypad. Now I could see the things on my hand and feel their unreal pleasure with my eyes, I was able to see those beautifully designed dresses, latest fashion stuffs, “can do anything” smart devices and appliances which tends to make life so easy and those super hot, sexy guys with six pack abs by birth. They now seemed to be even more luring and mesmerizing than I could have ever imagined, the one I thought I’ll have as my boyfriend. I could see all of them in front of my eyes. I could swipe to reject , scroll for more options or else put some unique number combination in checkout section to buy one sitting wherever I was. Also I could easily see all those hot models and actors and text them which will never be read in a lifetime. Everything was so close yet so far. But I think I am now able to understand well, that it was an illusion created by most creative artist  ‘my mind‘ to trap me and make me his own slave, that is where started the huge conflicts between desiring, wanting and getting. Let me also tell you the reality which actually happened to me. Since the amount I earned was already sufficient to fulfill my genuine responsibilities like all of us have, I needed extra pennies to get myself what I have desired. To be very unfortunate I have easily got one credit card. Yes, I would now define myself as unfortunate because it was the biggest misunderstanding of my life, that I thought CCs makes our life easy. The greatest myth in which we all live today. They keep all the reality hidden which if you got to know will then see how they play a role of a drug, which gives you momentarily pleasure but a lifetime addiction, makes you-the smartest creature of this planet as its slave and keeps harming you with its own pace. But I was so deeply carried away with my desires that the day I got my Credit Card, I felt like I was the luckiest and blessed person on this earth, I know you all feel the same, because I am as common as you. I felt like a queen who can now manage to buy a crown for her, in spite of the reality that she was not yet ready to afford one or may be was not a queen yet. So the story of having a financial cancer began somewhat like this: I’ve started shopping for first, second, third copies of the latest fashion apparels. Few with Debit Card and many with Credit Card. And started a journey towards a depth of an ocean of debt.
When I was in college one of my friend got an iPhone, I really thought she has gone insane buying phone worth of Rs 40k, but somewhere I too created the desire inside me to get one the day I started earning to show them I am rich enough to afford 40k smartphone. Because of this showoff when apple was launching its may be ‘Nth’ model of iPhone(well I really don’t know how many iPhone models they have launched, since they came into existence, and I really think it’s none of my concern, what I knew is that I was really late in getting one) i.e iPhone 6S+ and planning to launch iPhone 7 soon, I somehow managed[credit card can get you everything you want by paying so much extra but in small chunks, the reality is always hidden ;)] to get iPhone 5S,( at least I was the part of iPhone user community now, just to brag for one:p)
Last but not the least, I got one friend whom I ‘thought’ was my boyfriend, because I was so desperately desired to get a smart guy who looked like the ones I used to see in my phone. We are all carried away by fake feelings and fake people because what we are made to see is unrealistically real and we are forced that falsity on us, so please don’t judge me for this one. He himself thought he could be next Ranbir Kapoor, had luring personality, knew the art of winning girls’ heart, and above all he pretended to be my savior sent from heaven just to protect me from this evil world, this is how he came in my life with a tag of being more than a friend but less than a boyfriend. Who couldn’t have been carried away for him, feeling the intentions that he showed I was no different and had fallen for him! Because I had always wanted to make one of that super hot actor my boyfriend and you know the story of buying first, second and third copy, so that is how I used to get things in my life. May be I considered him my third copy of Ranbir Kapoor and accepted him.
There was time when I thought I have everything which I had dreamed of. But you know what I didn’t knew the reality, I was living in the world of my own illusions and fantasies. The reality seemed to be very different. I was paying extra for everything, because I got those things before I can afford them. It was before time and hence the prices I paid were really very high. Because I was trying to interrupt life’s flow, I was being impatient rather than waiting for the right time and become worthy enough.
Soon everything started loosing it’s worth, copies of those branded apparels became old fashioned, iPhone 5s became lot more cheap to be ‘afforded’ by anyone, and the one I thought is my boyfriend never turned out be one in reality, we never could have that relationship! But since I have tend to get all that before time I had to pay that extra price. I have started earning more but was still struggling to make the end meet. I was not at all happy, stress was on it’s peak, depression has started making home in my life and life became worst. This all mess of ‘wants’ that I have created in my mind led me to miseries. I was paying enough of interest to get those things ahead of time. But today I am out of everything and living a life as a blessing in reality and present because I could wake up myself. I have refused to pay the price and chose to be patient enough and hustle consistently until I can afford anything that I want.

Thanks for reading.


Your turn now,

I challenge you now to witness your wake up call. Be Happy and keep Hustling until you forget it’s a pay day and your bank balance starts looking like your phone number so that you can afford everything you desire!

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