Smile is a language that camera understands!

Ola! Welcome to my dazzling and sizzling world, where you’ll get everything it takes to get yourself pictured perfectly.
We are living in the electronic age where everything we do, we can share with thousands of people around.
The study shows that on an average most of the population between age 12 to 45 years take atleast 5 to 10 pictures everyday. We really want to put everything on social media and create a lifestyle which leaves impact on our friends and followers across the world. And with my own personal experience and observation I have concluded that many of you just not know the little secrets hidden behind those glowing and scintillating photos that you want to hit as many likes and hearts as possible( unfortunately only one is allowed:p). Ughhh… me and my sarcasm, okay I was talking about the amazing pictures that you see and then when you compare the one with yours, you feel low still couldn’t make out the difference among the two.
No worries, I am here to help you!
So lets find out what works best in front of camera without fail.

SMILE, Yes you read right- YOUR AMAZING SMILE

But knowing that smile is something which works always well in front of camera will not serve the purpose. You will really have to figure out which type of smile you are giving at the moment when you are standing in front of camera. I quote “Just stretching the lips is not considered as smile, there is something which you need to feel, that feeling of unreasonable joy”

Ummmm yeah. There are type of smiles, let’s see the list!

The constipated smile: Mmmmhuuuuunnnn Don’t just laugh this smile away! Majority of people really give this kind of smile when standing in front of camera. Let me describe it a little, generally this is the case with most of the 9 to 5 working and married community, ( no offences please! but even you can’t deny the reality of this fact) so they work from 9 to 5 like anything and then when in the evening they return home, family is ready to go out for dinner or party or any such kind of occasion, they are so stressed out with the day schedule that when they are asked to smile in the family selfie they just end up putting more pressure to make it a real one…..did I just say something about pressure? NO… I mean YES, that pressure turns there smile into constipated one! Voillla… I just explained it. Hope you understood, if not you can put your definition in comments, will be a great help.

The plastic or the fake smile: This type of smile is when there are situations when we know that we should smile but it doesn’t come from within and trying to fool others by just stretching our lips we end up fooling ourselves as it is very obvious to the observer. This smile is common among the girls gang, having being loaded with tons of lipstick on their lips trying to show that eye shadow in the photo they forget to smile from heart and thus end up giving a plastic smile just for the sake of smiling. So next time when you stand in front of camera don’t end up focusing on anything but smiling from heart.

The Victorious smile: You just got the job, the one you were trying since a week, you just successfully closed the deal with an important client, you just got to hear the words of appreciation from you boss, you just got a big order in your business, you just got a phone call saying ‘congratulations sir/ma’am your test reports are normal’, in all these moments you feel like you won something and your smile says ” Well done, you deserve a pat on back”. If at such moments someone is there to capture your smile it becomes the best memories of life.

The gratitude smile: The smile which you give to someone who has actually helped you in something that was beyond your reach. Lot of times we are stuck in the middle of the situations where we just can’t help to pull ourselves out of it and then we see a hand coming across to help us, and then we get this feeling of gratitude with a wide smile on our face. Now this can be anything small or big but the smile is really very different at this point of time which is worth capturing.

The Natural smile: Here we go, I want you to understand this type of smile very clearly, as this is the smile which will help you to add some extra effect in your picture. Since other smiles will come from within in those very moments this smile you can create from inside at any moment of time you wish to. You all have this type of smile hidden inside you but unconsciously you’ve been suppressing it since decades hence you just don’t have the feeling of it. Many of you might understand what I mean but even if you don’t just remember this one is contagious and effective. You give a nature smile, I swear the picture clicked will be simply amazing without any extra effects added. You can get this smile in various ways, by remembering the best moments with your loved ones, closing your eyes thinking about the love of your life, the moment when you got promoted, the moment you became father/mother, the moment your son/daughter just spoke ‘mumma or papa’, the moment you are sitting on the beach and watching that hot yellow ball descending to hide itself in the sea, the moment you realized life is more than what others think about yourself, the moment you got that amazing job, the moment you realized while people are struggling to live and dying due to various disasters you are alive to get clicked in this beautiful picture to show your dear ones that you are happily living this life. There are many more such moments that just make you smile naturally! Stage is all yours, you can comment other moments too which make you smile naturally every time you get nostalgic about them.
Wrapping up this post I just hope you find out your own reasons to smile naturally and start clicking pictures with a none other than your natural smile.

There are various other type of smiles at different moments in our life but since we are in a learning process to make our selves aware that our smile says something hence we will not overcrowd ourselves with lot of it and just learn few at a time so that we can grasp all of it.

P.S: Every Tuesday I am just going to post one article on how to improve your body language so that you can pose better and have amazing pictures. As I know you are so busy in your life hence I won’t crowd you with much information…. 😉

Photography by -Hiral Desai 🙂
Smile by -Me :p

THANK YOU so much for your precious time.
Happy Picture Perfection!
With your due permission I’ll Bid adieu to meet soon again!