Story of World’s best Relationship!

Before I switch off the lights and pretend to go to bed, she stares me with her innocent eyes,
She says ” I have so much to share, please listen to me before you start dreaming”
I’ll avoid her because I have other not important but urgent things to deal with!
The next day again when I’m about to go to my bed she’ll again stare at me with same innocent eyes filled with hope and will say ” Will it be a lucky day so that I can give you all I have, please listen to me, it won’t go waste”
I’ll still avoid her as I have people around me to deal with, I have my drowsiness to deal with! And I would simply ignore her with utmost cruelty, feeling no regrets.
One day every urgent thing just lost its priority, when I was broken and cheated by the same people I was giving my time to! That day neither I had to deal with the people around me, nor I was feeling any drowsiness! All I wanted was, to hear and be heard. That day also, she was sitting at the same place, witnessing my tear drops with same innocent hopeful eyes, but today I wanted to talk to her, I wanted to know everything she has inside her because today I kind of knew she will heal me. She’ll help me out to deal with this deep enigmatic situation. The hard truth was in front of me, the truth which is not taught, which is experienced, the truth which we all have been victim of, the truth of betrayal, the truth which exposes real colors of those who keep hiding in the shades of their needs and wants. No matter how deeply I was hurt I felt there is someone to share my pain. She did not have any hard feelings about me avoiding her for so many days when I was busy in making fake relations that I thought were real. She still wanted to talk to me with same enthusiasm and excitement. Today I too stared her back with hope of being healed by her company. I picked her in my arms, got a strong grip on her and started listening to everything she has to tell. She was intoxicating and her story was mesmerizing. The clock’s needle was moving and I was falling in love with her. My heart started pumping blood with higher pace and my body was feeling the lightest it can. I kept on and on, listening her and in that ecstatic moment I went in a deep sleep without even being aware of any situation that made me so worried few hours ago. Whole night she lied in my arms as I wrapped her so tightly. She has witnessed my breathing patterns, she has witnessed my snores, she has witnessed my fear in dreams. She patiently waited for me to wake up and release her from my arms. That night we became best friends. The morning when I woke up, all I could do was smile when I saw her lying below me. I wasn’t feeling bad for anything as I realized I have lost the fake relationships but have got the genuine and real one. She promised me to be my friend like mentor, she’ll teach me everything I want to learn, she’ll uplift my way of living, she’ll raise my standards, she’ll make me classy! And years after I realize she did and is still doing everything she promised. Each day passes and our bond becomes more stronger. Since then I’ve fallen in habit of talking to her every night  and wrapping her in my arms as I move to hypnagogic stage,  Listening to her stories and feeling her touch, I go in my dream world. She is my sweetest lullaby, she’s my book 🙂
It’s a Reader’s story, from a Writer’s mind 🙂
Dedicated to all the crazy readers on this planet.

Your turn Now
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