They both were addicts!

He being in my life for quite sometime, by chance I realized why I have a wrong perception about him,
Isn’t me the same??

In the moments of sorrow and Joy
He opens bottle, I open Music Player
Aren’t we both addicts??
He waves in the world he has just entered and I swing with the melodies of the world I am in,
Aren’t we both addicts??
He feels LOVE when high on alcohol, I feel LOVE when high on beats
Aren’t we both addicts??
I have seen spark in his eyes when talking about his favorite brand, I feel spark in my heart when talking about the best song
Aren’t we both addicts??
For too long neither I can stay away from music nor he can stay away from the drinks
Definitely we both are addicts, just the DRUG is different 🙂 

And then I had a thought:

“Can I be his favorite Alcohol and can he be my Best Song???”