What is your purpose?

“A ship sailing without destinations is often lost in sea and wastes all its fuel in searching for a shelter in case of storms which again is not its destination”

Billions of people present on this planet , every one is sent with unique purpose yet they are so diverted and unfocused that instead of contributing towards the growth of this globe they are making it a more chaotic place. Being a puppet, they are being driven by the people who’ve learnt how to stand up tie a thread and start the show on time.

This post is just a random thought which came to my mind while I was trying to sleep at 2.15 AM, feeling of drowsiness and the heaviness in my eyes suddenly turns into the excitement as the thoughts in my mind quiver to gain the momentum in this direction. Oooppsss… sorry for the disturbance, yeah let’s get back to the post,so I was talking about the people who realise that they are best in handling the puppets and that is why they are there on this planet, and the very large number of people happily choose the role of appropriate puppets as the life drives them at a certain level.

A study conducted in one of the reputed universities in United States says that more than 90% of the people on this globe are unaware about the reason they are here. So only 10% who either get to know there reason of their existence or they come out of their homes to hunt for one are the ones who drive the other 90% of the population. It’s strange statistics. Obviously when you don’t know what you have to do, you’ll end up doing something in order to make your living which is not at all fit for your existence and then your inner self will not rest in peace even when you leave this world.

Let’s imagine a small story to understand how this is working and from where those 10% people come.

There was one village, where only one man used to live along with his wife. Nobody knows from where they both came, but the story begins from this point only that when the village came into existence there was only one man and one woman who used to live there. Man was well aware of his purpose as there wasn’t any other option. He knew at any cost he has to give food and other comforts to his wife as there was no one else around to help him. He has to do everything on his own. Same was the case with his wife, she knew her purpose really well, all she could think was about her husband’s happiness and how to take care of him. Slowly and gradually the day passed she gave birth to twins, one baby girl and the other baby boy, now she revised her purpose and started devoting the time to take care of 3 instead of one. Same happened with her husband, now his responsibility was not limited to his wife only as he has to take care of his children too. They had three more children in future. Now since there was this man and woman to take care of their children they did not feel any need to question their existence. They have accepted the fact that they will follow the traditional method of living as told by their parents. Universe thought that his plan of making this world a beautiful place will fail if they keep doing the same thing as there will be no urge to discover new things and contribute to humanity so he thought to teach a lesson to those kids. One day when all the children were sleeping out and their parents have gone out for some work, a wolf came and started howling at them, it tried to attack all the children but then their father came on time and saved all of them. Out of all one had a very great impact of this incident, since he has seen the wolf attacking him from very near he thought he could have been easily killed but still he was safe, it means there is some reason for it. He started searching for that reason and indirectly he started finding his purpose of being on this planet. Rest of the children just took it as an accident and have forgotten without taking pains to think anything else. They thought they came on this earth because of their parents and because One Energy which made life, let’s call him God, wanted them to come to that village. One day his father announced that they need to expand their house and they need to construct a bigger home. The boy who always questioned himself for being there on planet started helping his siblings to learn and educate themselves more and more so that they can help their father in building better home so that they all can live happily. They all worked together but the one who told them what to work upon was that child who realized there is a reason that he is here in this village. Time came when everyone became good in whatever they were told to do because they were doing that repeatedly but this boy was very satisfied as his found his purpose finally that he was here on this planet to make others realize the importance of life and being here. Some were able to understand him others just kept on living and died leaving their children behind to continue their tradition. Before that boy died who knew his purpose he has taught his children the importance of finding a purpose of their life and act accordingly. Since then his very own children’s legacy is the people who know that they are here for a reason and the others who are in large numbers just start doing something as life happens to them, become good at it gradually and before they could realize that they were here on purpose they loose their life and start again with the same level off unawareness as before.

You are here on purpose, this world needs you for something which only you can do, find out and start acting, this life with the people around you is simply the one you need to serve your purpose. You are not born to be swayed away by the flow of life, you are born to accomplish the task find the key, open the locks and get yourself free so that you can explore the things beyond the stage on which you are acting. The roles you are playing are just the part of that purpose it’s not the purpose itself. To know what you are here for, you’ll have to spend sometime offstage. I would request you to come out of the role of father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, son and daughter, friend, employee, employer, student, etc. and then realize your worth, count your capabilities, and find the best fit which describes YOU not YOUR ROLE!

P.S: This post is unedited, I have just written it in a flow so if you find any mistakes please do put them in comment. Thanks for helping already 🙂 Happy Reading!

All yours now:

Please tell me in comments what you are here for? Let the people get motivated by your reason.

With Love