When I am reminded that I am a girl!

I don’t feel different when I am sitting with my father until I step out and those staring eyes make me realize I am a girl, the one who needs protection.

I don’t feel different when I am walking alone having nobody in my surrounding until I feel some shadow passing by and that embedded thought that the girl walking alone in night is unsafe frightens me like anything and I realize I am a girl.

I don’t feel different when I cross roads alone until there is somebody who holds my hand and shows his concern and makes me feel a girl always creates mess on road.

I don’t feel different when I wear short clothes until a guy’s eye not daring enough to contact mine but fall on that naked part and show me their desperation.

I don’t feel different driving on roads until a drunk man comes and hits my car and then says girls are stupid drivers, no matter how hard they try they can’t drive perfect.

I don’t feel different playing with my male friends until my mother’s friends come home and tell her it’s weird that I play with boys at my age.

I don’t feel different until my mother says it’s time to find a guy for you and send you to some other place of which you have no idea about.

I don’t feel different until my husband tells me to stop working and going out and start focusing on household chores and raise the kids well.

I don’t feel different until some random friend of mine calls me and starts talking about the female common sense and their level of brain and says the biggest drawback of your life is that you are a girl.

I know I am different, I don’t need a reminder at everything I do! I don’t need anybody to make me realize my drawbacks of being a girl because I know my worth and the reason I was born as a girl.
I know I am different as being alone I can take care of myself and others, I can play better, study better, feel better, love better, care better, forgive better, take hold of myself better, and above all manage better.

I am different as I am made to look after two families better than a guy can look after one!
I really don’t need a continuous reminder that I am different. I already know that and feel proud for being the most unique creation of this Universe- Girl.