वो माँ थी ।

रात भर बैठ कर सिरहाने पे जिसने सिर दबाया था,
तपती गरमी में भी भूखार से तड़पते हुए बेटे को गले से लगाया था
उस ठंड में ख़ुद जग कर जिसने हमको सुलाया था
भूखे पेट रहकर ख़ुद हमको भर पेट खिलाया था
हमारी हर ग़लती का ज़िम्मा जिसने अपने सिर उठाया था
इस दुनिया में ला के जीने का ढंग जिसने सिखाया था
हमारे एक आँसु पर जिसने अपना सबकुछ लुटाया था
अपनी हिम्मत भर के जिसने मुश्किलों से लड़ना सिखाया था

वो माँ थी ।

उसे रोता तड़पता देख जिसने सर घुमाया था
उसे भूखार में छोड़ कर जिसने रात भर फ़ेस्बुक चलाया था
उस ठंड में रज़ाई में जिसने रात गुजारी थी
उसे भूखा देख कर भी जिसने भर पेट खाया था
बेफ़िक्र होकर जिसने की थी वो ग़लतियाँ
अपनी नाकामी का ग़ुस्सा जिसने उसपे दिखाया था
ख़ुद की ऐश और ख़ुशी के लिए जिसने उसको रुलाया था
सब शोहरत पा के जिसने उसको ठुकराया था

वो बच्चे थे।

जब बने आज वो माँ/बाप तो अहमियत जानी उस माँ की
जिसने हर ग़म छुपाकर हर बार हंस कर हमें गले लगाया था

जो समझ आती वक़्त पहले उसकी अहमियत
ना जाते मंदिर उस बेजान मूर्ति को पूजने,

झुकाते सर उस माँ के कदमो में और मंगते उसकी ख़ैरियत
सुधर जाते कितने घर और रिश्ते, ना होती ऐसी कैफ़ियत
वो गर्व से रहती वही, जहाँ थी उसकी मलकियत।

This post is a result of an incident that happened to me.
Yesterday while out in market to buy few stuffs, I came across a beggar, generally I don’t listen to what they have to say, but the person standing in front of me did not ask for money, she said, “I am really hungry and you seem like my daughter, can you get me something to eat?”. She was a very old lady and there was pain in her voice and eyes which compelled me stop, I said, “Aunty you wait here, I’ll bring food for you.” I thought she’ll be happy to get food but after eating one bite she started crying. I was astonished to see her reaction. Her tears made me keen to know the reason, I have thrown series of questions to her“ what happened aunty, are you not well, where do you live?”

She said “This vadapav is my son’s favorite. I used to make for him very often.” Now her tears were simply uncontrollable. By her sentences and reaction, I presumed she might have lost her son or something might have happened to him, so I quickly prompted, “Don’t cry aunty, it’s life we have to face such situations. Where is your son, what happened to him”?

And her reply stunned me, “He is all well, nothing has happened to him but he is big enough to handle everything on his own now, he doesn’t need mother anymore. I have lost my husband a year ago and after that he just treated me so badly like I was a burden on him. I left home 5 months back, since then I am just begging to be alive as nothing else I can do to earn food. But I only wish he lives happily, I have already lived my life but he has a long way to go. Thank you for this food, God will bless you!” This time my eyes were shedding tears, only a mother has so profound heart that she can forgive even that son without holding any grudges, who has simply kicked out of her home. All I could do was beg to that powerful energy to bless these human beings with some understanding. When will we stop treating our parents badly? Aren’t we going to become one soon in this same life? Would we be fine if we get same treatment from our children too?

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