Your competition is within YOU!

“I am not in competition with anybody but with myself, my Goal is to beat my last performance” – Celine Dion

Well it’s not been long when I was just competing with so many people around me, everything in everyone which was better than inside me used to become my competition, and believe me the return gift of that competition which I have always got was feeling of dissatisfaction, disappointment, sleepless nights, stress, sometimes even depression, and many times agitated and heavy heart!

Happiness was stranger to me, agony was my friend, and I was the happiest one, that’s what I used to pretend!

The reason being, I was never able to make my self up to the mark so that I was worthy enough to be in competition. Why?
Yes, I have answer, let’s read this short story and at the end of the story you’ll find an answer for this why? Why wasn’t I qualified for the competition!
Once upon a time there was a race going on between animals on the bank of river. The competition was tough and fair. A rabbit has to compete with the other rabbit! A Tortoise has to compete with other Tortoise! Race was going fine as one or the other was winning the race, and proving it’s worth in front of the audience.
Since the race was happening on the bank of river, a fish who was watching the race since so long had an urge to participate, because she knew she can run very fast, (but in water, that’s what she couldn’t realize). Everyone around got excited because something new was about to happen, a fish will compete with rabbit in the race. Wowww!, there was exhilaration in the audience. Inside the deep subconscious mind everyone including the fish itself was aware that fish is not at all qualified to compete with rabbit but nobody told that fish to stop, everyone was just waiting to see the defeat of that fish. One is best in water and the other on land. Fish herself being so innocent and naive couldn’t realize that she will fail not because she is not skilled enough but because she has chosen an inappropriate competitor. Same was the case with rabbit. Rabbit will loose its power if race was conducted in water while fish will loose its power if the race was conducted on land. Race did happen on land and as very obvious rabbit finished the race in few minutes while fish was just struggling to move forward. Fish got very disappointed with herself having thoughts that she isn’t worthy and skilled to fight any race in her life, she thought she is incapable for anything big.

I hope things are already clear to you so what I wanted to convey is that nobody has the qualities that you have, so you don’t have to be jealous or compete with anyone who is not at all qualified for it. The only person you can compete with, is YOURSELF! The day you’ll realize this, you’ll stop procrastinating for everything you have been avoiding since ages which makes you better, you have to compete with yourself. Become better and grow every single day.

If you want to leave your legacy behind, if you want to bring a big change in this world and if you want to come out of herd, want to be counted among very few, then realize the truth that “YOUR COMPETITION IS WITHIN YOU!”


Your Turn Now:

What are your views on this. Are you like ‘old me’ who used to compete with everyone else but one’s own self? Leave your story and suggestion below, let the world know your competition.